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Rasmin Peiris - President & CEO, combine and contribute his knowledge, talents and experience of Tea Plantation Management, Tropical Agricultural Management, International Hotel Management, International Travel Management to create and deliver a unique product.

Rasmin is a Certified Tea Specialist, Certified by the Specialty Tea Institute, New York and also followed the Tea Sommelier program at George Brown College, Toronto. When he was 9 years, his visit with his Grandparents to their family owned tea plantation, he was fascinated and inspired about tea. At 19 years Rasmin had his initial training and experience as a Tea farmer and Tea Plantation Manager in Ceylon, Sri Lanka. He learned about tea from the seedling to harvesting. From manufacturing to exporting to international markets.

Fast forward to 2001, he established Nature’s Cup Tea in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. His vast hands-on experience and knowledge in the tea industry as a Tea Taster, Tea Sommelier and Tea Importer for the past 20 plus years, contributes to offering his valued customers a quality product. He participated at the Tea Auctions in Colombo. He has also visited various tea plantations in Sri Lanka. Rasmin has conducted Tea Tours to visiting German, Swiss and Austrian visitors at the Tea Factory Hotel in Kandapola, Nuwera Eliya, Sri Lanka. He has also visited India and Emei in Emishan, China.

Rasmin is also a Graduate in Hotel Management, Food & Beverage from Switzerland and speaks fluent German for over forty years. Rasmin continues to add value to his tea knowledge and is following a course in tea Blending, Flavoring and Scenting at the World Tea Academy.

Ms. Ramani Peiris - Director Marketing & Customer Services, combine and contributes over twenty years experience in Customer Services and Marketing and has been the Head of Customer Services in the Airline Industry. She has also followed Tea Tasting course in Ceylon, Sri Lanka. Ms. Ramani has completed tea studies at the Specialty Tea Institute, New York and continues to educate her customers in selecting some of the finest teas. She has also participated at the Tea Auctions in Colombo and has also visited tea plantations in Sri Lanka, India and Emei in Emishan, China.

During the past 20 years with Nature’s Cup Tea, Ms. Ramani Peiris has been successful in launching and assisting Award Winning Private Label Start-ups. She has also been successful in establishing sales of Herbal Teas and Wellness Teas for Health Food Stores and Co-op Stores in Canada.

Ramesh Peiris – Director & General Manager Logistics.  
Ramesh, has been with Nature’s Cup Tea for over fifteen years and has a wide knowledge of all activities. He has developed his skills in Tea Tasting and visited various tea plantations in Sri Lanka. He has also had experience at the Tea Auctions, Colombo. He has participated at various Trades Shows such as CHFA - Canadian Health Food Association Show, Good Food Festival, The Green Living Show and Extreme Me. 

We adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and business ethics. We buy our tea directly from the producing plantations. As we are the importer and wholesaler we could guarantee that quality products come to you at all times. The connections we have with our Independent suppliers are over three decades.

We follow the International Guidelines set out by the IFOAM - International Federation Of Organic Agriculture Movements.

Our Brand Name: OPLINC™ ~ Nature’s Cup Tea ®
Our Company Name: Organic Products Lanka Incorporated.

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