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ABOUT US –NATURE’S CUP TEA Since 2001 to 2021 we have been a dedicated Tea and Herb supplier in Canada. Nature’s Cup Tea is a Canadian Company, Federally incorporated and established in the province of Ontario, City of Oakville, Canada. At Organic Products Lanka Inc. d/b/a/ Nature’s Cup Tea, we combine the talents from different cultures, different countries and are united in Eco-friendly Agricultural methods. We have a passion for "Organic, Natural and Ethical" products.

Our Mission

To enlighten and educate our customer with the way of, " World Teas and Natural Herbs. from around the world. We also to share our passion and tea knowledge with our customers. During the past 20 years it has been our “Loyal Customers” who trusted us and valued our products and services. Though Ceylon Tea was world famous, we realized that good quality Ceylon tea was not available in Canada during the time we started in 2001. The decision to start by introducing Nature’s Cup Tea we have re-introduced world-class tea and Herbal teas from around the world to our customers in Canada.


We believe that small “Family Owned” companies help the local communities. The community’s funds circulate in the local community. We support local Canadian Businesses initially prior to outsourcing.


Our packaged enveloped teas have been on the Canadian market for the past 20 years. They are 100% Organic Certified and we source our tea ethically certified plantation.

We have a wide range of Loose Leaf teas and herbs. Wellness Loose Leaf Teas in 50g pouches are the most popular.

We also supply other Loose Leaf teas from Sri Lanka, Japan, China and South Africa.

We also supply Tea, Herbs and Accessories to Cafes, Tea and Coffee shops and others.

We help Private Label startups.